How do i make a claim?

First you need to have a bitcoin wallet if you don't have one make a free one at After that you can start claiming by putting your bitcoin address on the home page and press claim.

When will i get paid? Is it automatic?

You will get paid once you reach 100k satoshi and withdraw from your account page. The payouts are automatic and usually complete every 7 days.

7 Days+ passed and still no payout

If more than 7 days have passed and you still haven't been paid don't worry its probably due to high network demand you will get paid asap. If there is a problem and more than 10 days have passed please contact us

Is there a referral program?

Yes there is you can find it are your home page, currently its 45% of the claims from the people you refer.

Why can't I make a faucet claim?

There is a variety of reasons of why you can't claim.
1. You are using an adblocking service, please disable it to start claiming.
2. Using VPN/Proxies.
3. Browser incompatability, if thats happening please update your browser to the latest version.
If you still experience any problem feel free to contact us.

Why do i have to disable my adblock?

Since we are a faucet, we get 100% of our earnings from advertisement revenue and other monetisation methods. Not only do these earnings help keep the website online, they are what fund your payouts and winnings! If you want to keep enjoying the site we enforce the display of ads.